Rowan Grant is Kitschen Sink

Rowan Grant is Kitschen Sink - Jewellery and Accessories

  • My current favourite designer is Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
  • My favourite colour is green, but I love to wear leopard prints too
  • I love to watch 90210, Sex and the City and Ugly Betty
  • I love to dance to 80s music!
  • I have an addiction to buying dresses, and since the advent of Facebook, hate to be seen in the same thing twice!

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Rowan Grant

About Kitschen Sink

Rowan was born in June 1982, to possibly the least creative two parents in the UK. Both worked full time jobs, so on holidays and mornings before school, Rowan went to Grandmaís. Grandma didnít like the TV to get hot, so after Saved By The Bell, it was switched off, and the paints, pencils, knitting needles, pins, wool and felt came out. Grandma spent a lot of time showing Rowan how to draw, knit, sew and the like, and itís all Rowan ever wanted to do with her time from then on (plus catching Pugwall whenever possible!).

About Kitschen Sink

The KitschenSink idea was born in 2004. After a brief stint in teacher training, Rowan found herself unemployed and in need of a new challenge. Window shopping in the boutiques of Lincoln, she was astounded by the prices of simply designed and badly made jewellery. Coupled with spending a lot of time selling old possessions on eBay in order to survive, she saw an opportunity. She made a bracelet from Lego she swiped whilst babysitting and listed it for 99p. The auction ended at £15. But it's only since 2007 that KitschenSink has taken things full throttle. After selling out at a craft fair, Rowan thought it was about time she sold online and formalised things a little moreÖ

ÖAnd here we are today. KitschenSink jewellery and accessories are the result of quality time with Grandma, a fascination of colourful branded toys, and a desire to re-purpose mass-produced materials into handmade, wearable fashion treats.

Say no to boho and grab something thatís colourful, kitschy, funky and fun!

"It's a Wrap!"